Gold Irish Sea Moss



Wildcrafted · Raw · 100% Organic · Dr. Sebi-approved.


High Quality Ingredients · Made in Canada · Nutrient-dense · Gluten-Free · Non-GMO · Vegan · Health Canada NPN and FDA-compliant.

Say hello to your feel-good, look-good secret weapon. This 100% wildcrafted Gold Irish Sea Moss is a health superstar, packed with 92 awesome-for-you minerals and vitamins (just 10 shy of the 102 that humans need for good health). It nourishes cells and banishes mineral and vitamin deficiencies, leaving you energized and radiant. With so many benefits, we don’t have enough space to list them all!

After rinsing and soaking, this dried sea moss plumps up and is blended with water to create a versatile gel. Use it to power up your smoothies, teas, desserts, and other favorite foods. Or as an amazing vegan egg replacer and gluten-free thickener in your cooking. Perfect for pre-workout energy, post-workout recovery, hangover prevention and cure, or just to start the day off right. It also makes a super moisturizing face and body mask that leaves skin soft and glowing. 

    Versatile + Life-Enhancing: Boosts immunity, improves digestion and gut health, reduces inflammation, treats mineral deficiencies, supports skin, hair, and nail health, and much, much more.

    Clean + Natural: Zero dyes or additives and safety-tested for heavy metals and contaminants, so you get only the good stuff.

    Guaranteed Wildcrafted: Unlike sea moss that is farmed or pooled, chondrus crispus is cultivated in the water, attached by a holdfast to the rocks, for a uniquely wild-grown and pristine product.

    Sustainably Sourced: Harvested off Canada’s Atlantic coast using traditional eco-friendly methods that preserve the plant.

    1. Grab a handful of dried sea moss (about 25g) and rinse it well, removing any shells or natural sea debris.

    2. Place the rinsed sea moss in a large glass or stainless-steel bowl and cover completely with spring or ph-balanced water. Add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon, if desired, to mellow out the natural flavor of the sea moss.

    3. Soak for 4-12 hours.

    4. Strain the hydrated sea moss and blend with water to form a velvety paste. Add more lemon or lime juice, if desired, to help preserve the paste for longer.

    5. Add to your favorite recipes, apply to skin, and enjoy radiant health. Store the leftovers in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 weeks or freeze for up to 12 months.Each 50g pack of dried sea moss contains a 1–2-month supply.


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