About‍ Calisla

Calisla is a woman-owned wellness brand based in beautiful Canada.

Our approach is pure and simple, like our products. Born out of healing stories, we start with effective ingredients, sustainably collected from organic sources and made into life-enhancing products, right here in Canada. No poisons or pesticides. Zero fillers and dyes or unnecessary additives. Non-synthetic sources when possible. Just nature-made goodness that supports your personal wellness. Our thoughtfully curated products are selected for their potency and purity, offering a range of benefits to help you feel, look, and function at your absolute best. Pain relief, nutrition, beauty, detox, sleep support, mood management, hormone balancing, immunity boosting, and much, much more.

Our products are regulated and tested. When it comes to your health, you deserve the absolute best. As a heart-led brand, we’re also big believers in protecting the health of our planet. Mindful of our environmental impact, we favour processes and practices that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our wish for you? That wherever you are in your health journey, you can create a personal commitment to wellness that brings boundless joy and possibility. We want you to remember that HEALTH IS YOUR BIRTHRIGHT!

Wishing you good health and good vibes,


100% Women Owned


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