My Story: Beating Cancer + Building a Bright New Future‍


Life-changing moments often come when we least expect them. That was certainly the case for me. I was a lawyer and a young mother with a bright future ahead of me when the unthinkable happened: I was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 33 years old. As blindsided as I was, I knew one thing for sure: I wanted to get well — for my family and myself.


‍I dove headfirst into health; the true meaning of health. I took an integrative approach, following my team’s treatment plan and exploring alternative therapies that tapped into the power of plants and other natural ingredients — including sea veggies — to detox, replenish, and heal my body. My health changed, swiftly and radically. I felt deeply nourished and energized. The side effects of my cancer treatments were much easier to handle. And most surprising of all? My other health issues also resolved. Things I’d struggled with for years, suddenly gone for good. I saw firsthand the power our bodies have to heal and thrive, when supplied with the right nutrients and minerals. Hope came back and I began looking forward to a new, even brighter future than before, surrounded by family and supported by vibrant health. ‍


Now, I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned from my own healing journey and helping others transform their own health, from the inside out.

Health is your birthright.

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