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Purple Irish Sea Moss

Purple Irish Sea Moss


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High Quality Ingredients · Made in Canada · Nutrient-dense · Gluten-Free · Non-GMO · Vegan · Health Canada NPN and FDA-compliant.

Say hello to your feel-good, look-good secret weapon. This 100% wildcrafted Purple Irish Sea Moss is a health superstar, packed with 92 awesome-for-you minerals and vitamins (just 10 shy of the 102 that humans need for good health). It nourishes cells and banishes mineral and vitamin deficiencies, leaving you energized and radiant. With so many benefits, we don’t have enough space to list them all!‍

After rinsing and soaking, this dried sea moss plumps up and is blended with water to create a versatile gel. Use it to power up your smoothies, teas, desserts, and other favorite foods. Or as an amazing vegan egg replacer and gluten-free thickener in your cooking. Perfect for pre-workout energy, post-workout recovery, hangover prevention and cure, or just to start the day off right. It also makes a super moisturizing face and body mask that leaves skin soft and glowing.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 32 reviews

    I absolutely love this Purple Irish Sea Moss! Highly Recommended!!

    Sea Moss for the WIN

    Loving this sea moss. Canadian. Wildcrafted. Not fake. And the color is stunning. The bags are luxurious. I’m in love. I feel great too - forgot to mention the actual benefits lol! I have lots of energy and my nails are growing stronger. It’s only been 1 month.

    Brad Thompson
    Real Irish Moss

    Finally, a company that provides real purple Irish Moss!

    From the moment I opened the bag, the smell, look and feel of the product was amazing. The gel comes out great, a truly highly potent product. Your body will thank you for taking it daily.

    The fact that it’s tested, is the cherry on top!

    Never going anywhere else!

    I've been looking for a reputable sea moss company for so long... I'm happy I found these guys on Instagram. This sea moss is the real authentic Chondrus Cripsus. It smells stronger, and hits harder. The way I feel with this sea moss compared to st. Lucian sea moss is 10/10 ill never go back to st Lucian moss ever!!

    BEST sea moss!!

    I bought a bag of the 50g purple sea moss to make gel at home. First of all, I love this company. Canadian owned and made - plus this purple sea moss is sourced in Canada too! You can smell the ocean when you open the bag - which is a great sign. It doesn't smell like chlorine or salt and is 100% real! Woo hoo! Finally found one that isn't fake. Making the gel was so easy too. They have the instructions on the bag which helped. I was able to make as much as I wanted to control expiry! So happy and will be buying more and sharing with friends and family. LOVE THIS STUFF! Also, i had so much energy using the gel in my smoothie. I'm excited to see the other benefits develop as I take it for longer. I've been taking it for 3 weeks now. MUST TRY!